Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little champs finalists revealed in an emotional episode

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little champs finalists revealed in an emotional episode

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has become one of the most consistently entertaining show, because it gives the children to show off their talent to the world and be recognized by major talent agencies. Yesterday, in an emotional episode, the finalists for this season were revealed and there were quite a few happy shocks and breakdowns as the children were chosen for the finale and others were eliminated. The finalists were Dhroon, Vaishnav, Sonakshi, Shreyan, SMP and Anjali, others were eliminated from the show and these siz will be facing off each other on the finale.

The show has been praised by many people for taking the talent of the children to the national stage making their talents known to the world, the show is also popular because it has been going on for a long time and the judges are all great to the children.

There were however, some emotional moments on the show yesterday, as Yumma broke down when she couldn’t impress the judges, and the contestants like Neha and Riya failed to make any major impact and didn’t perform with the came consistency as they usually do.

Judge Himesh Reshamiya then gave a speech and tried to console the little contestants, telling them that they have a bright future ahead. The Finale for the show will take place next week.

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