Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 29th July 2017 Challengers Audition Episode

Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 29th July 2017 Challengers Audition Episode
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 29 July 2017 Challenger Audition episode, started with outside challenger Aastha. The challengers are given one minute to impress the jury. She had got achieved 100% score from the jury. Judges gave her green flag and also gave her second chance. Second challenger came was Vaishnav Girish, he sang song Bin Tere from movie I hate Luv Story. His performance was heart wining, all the grand jury came to stage to give him blessings and appreciate his singing. Jury Raja Hasan was in tears with his performance and gave him heartfelt welcome. Himesh reshammiya requested him to sing for him in future. Himesh reshammiya even gave him name VG Suroon ka baahubali. There was some fun in show by next challenger Parth, judges really loved is cuteness. Everyone had full  on laughter dose.

Even Jayash Kumar came on stage to continue the fun. Parth had lot of fun with all three judges. After the fun session Parth gave his performance on song Ashiyaan from the movie Barfi. He got 100% for his performance and in the end of his performance he and his mother got emotional. Jayash Kumar came to give him hug and give him good luck for future. Fourth challenger were Anjali Angad And Nandani Angad, both are sisters and belong to Ahmednagar, India and have learned singing their father only. First to perform was Anjali. She sang on classical song Bheeni Bheeni Bhor Aayi. She achieved 100% from the jury and got lot if appreciation for marvelous singing. After Anjali superb performance Nandani came to perform, she sang on raag bhairavi om namah shivay.

She also got 100% from the jury and judges seem to be lost in her singing completely. Some of the jury came on stage to give her blessings. Himesh reshammiya requested all other judges to join him on flying sofa and complicate Anjali Angad And Nandani Angad singing. Next performer was Payal thakur from Himachal pradesh. She sang on Naina song from Dangal movie. Her performance was melodious and soulful. The atmosphere at show was completely changed and everyone had got emotional. Neha kakkar came down to hug and give all the blessings to Payal Thakur. Her performance completely stolen the show, Neha kakkar also announced to give Taxi to Payal family for their future well being.

Sixth challenger came to perform was Jeth Khan, he sang on Ghazal “Main hawa hun” by Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain. He got 96.6 % by jury and Javed Ali and Himesh Reshammiya gave him warm welcome for the next round. Today’s show was filled with heart stealing performances by all the challengers. Stay tuned as more to come on the show.

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