Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 20th August 2017 Episode: Bhukam VS Toofan

Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 20th August 2017 Episode: Bhukam VS Toofan
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 20th August 2017 Bhukam VS Toofan episode, started with challenge between teams “Bhukam VS Toofan” , First challengers were Sonakshi VS Nandni. She had got achieved 97.3% score from the jury and Nandni achieved 92.3% from the jury. Their performance was heart wining, Judges asked them to be less nervous in the competition. Next challange was between Dhroon tickoo and Vaishnav Girish. Dhroon had performed fist and achieved 100% from the jury. His energy level was outstanding and had got chart buster first performer of the day. Next came Vaishnav Girish who gave heart touching performance on the song Aas pass hai khuda from movie Anjana Anjani, Jury and judges really loved his performance. He achieved 100% from the jury, and jury simply loved his singing style. Vaishnav performance achieved second chartbuster performer the day. Later joined Jacqueline and Sidharth to promote their Gentleman movie.

Jayash Kumar came on stage to create some more magical moment with his singing, he sang on Pal pal Dil ke pass. Everyone loved his cute and melodious performance. He achieved 100% from the jury and it was chartbuster performance. After the performance Himesh reshammiya requested him to sing off beat once more. Even actor Sidharth gave compliment on his singing talent. Later Jacqueline came on stage where she danced with contestants father and it added some fun on the stage. Actor Sidharth was sitting with Toofan team and Jacqueline was sitting with Bhukam team. Next came was Vidipta against  Riya Biswas, she sang oh radha teri chunri from student of the year movie. Riya Biswas gave her performance on Citiya kalaiya, her performance was very melodious and everyone loved her energy on the stage. Both achieved 97.7 % from the jury and it was a tie between them two. Next came on stage was Sheyan VS Anjali , They both gave melodious performance. They achieved 100% from the jury and Jacqueline gave her blessings to both the singers.

Next came again Vaishnav Girish VS Shanupriya , He sang on Alvida  song from Metro movie and achieved 100% for his outstanding performance. Shanupriya had simply rock the stage with her singing tonight , she sang on two songs Khurban hua and Ishq wala love track. Her energy was unbeatable on the stage and surly left goosebumps to the audience. She also achieved 100% from the jury, Judges enjoyed both of the performances. Later came Sidharth with Jayas to perform a rap on the stage from Sidharth’s upcoming movie Gentleman.

Next challenge was between Yumna Ajin and Aftab singh. Yumna sang on song Disco Dewayne and got standing ovation from the jury and judges, It was chartbuster performance.  Aftab performed on Maula mere from Chak de India movie. He performance was melodious and everyone loved him on the stage. He achieved 98.3 % for his performance. It was last performance of the day and team Bhukam was the best performer of the day on the bases of score board. There was no much difference between both the team but Bhukam stole tonight’s show with their outstanding talent. Today’s epic performer were Vaishnav Girish, Sheyan and Anjali. Stay tuned for more updates until next time.


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