Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 17 June 2017 Pol Khol episode

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 17 June 2017 Pol Khol episode
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 17 June 2017 Pol Khol episode starts with the song “chana meriya meriya” sung by Sheryan Bhattacharya. He achieves 100% rating from judges , which is a blockbuster rating. Jayesh also sang same song during the mega audition , which brought him accolades for his earlier performance.


Riya Biswas came on stage next and sung “Mohabat buri bemari” song and scored 100% block buster marks and got standing ovation from Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshamiya.

In Pol Khol question it is revealed Riya sneakily wears her mother saree whenever she gets the opportunity to do so. Also reason of frequent fights between her and Dhroon is revealed.

Droon sings “pal bhar ke” song for which he gets 99.7% rating from the judges.

Question asked to Dhroon’s mother is if he is sabse bada fattu ? and guess what , answer is yes.

Next comes audacious Shanmukhpriya , who sings ‘zindagi ek safar hain suhana’ song. She gets 99% rating for her performance.

Question is being asked to her if she has a habit of scaring small kids. She says “YES”. Shanmukhpriya plays scary pranks on other contestant Jayesh and Judges . “Jayesh” gets scared and starts crying , in the process also slaps her. feeling anguished and frightened. Then Jayesh is cajoled by Aditya, who is hosting the show.

Next lil champ pol khol episode performer is 5 year old cute chubby Jayesh. His singing style is offbeat and his confident performance gets him 100% chartbuster rating. Jayesh also sings Sa-re-ga-ma notes to proves his prowess in front of judges upon their request.

Next contenstant is sweet Yamuna Ajeen who is singing ‘Afghan Jalebi’ song. She gets 100% chartbuster for her extra ordinary performance. During Question and Answer session it is revealed that she gulped her mother’s ear-rings.


Video showing judge Neha Kakkar dancing in washroom lobby freely is revealed during the show and everyone shares a hysterical laughter. Then it is followed by brief dance performance by Neha and Host Aditya.

Satyajit jeena is the next performer , who sings “Baarish ka Paani” and gets 93.7% rating by judges. He is criticized by Judges except Himesh Reshamiya.

During Pol Khol session it is revealed that even now Satyajit’s mother gives him a bath and he is unable to do it himself.

During pol khol of aditya it is revealed that he attended a wedding in bath towel due to unforeseen conditions.

Other lil champ contestant Sonakshi wont be performing today as audience gave her highest performance rating in audience Poll.

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