Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 15 July 2017 Monsoon Special

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 15 July 2017 Monsoon Special

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 15 July 2017 episode show starts with everyone eating Pakora and tea. Ria Biswas was first to perform on the song “Chhoti Si Kahani Se Barishon Ke Pani Se” from movie Ijaazat. She achieved a 100% from the jury and the judges loved her performance. Dhroon Tickoo was next to perform on the stage the song he sung was from movie Namak Halal the song Aaj Rapat Jaayen. The judges and jury gave him a standing ovation he achieved a 99.7% from the jury. Judges were not very happy with his marks from jury they felt he should have achieved a 100% from the jury.

Lil champs have a corn eating competition in which who ever eats the maximum corn will win. At the end of the competition Ria Biswas wins the game she ate the most corns of all.  Shanmukhapriya was next to perform on the song “Bheegi Bheegi si hai raaten bheegi bheegi” from movie Gangster. She achieved a score of 100% from the jury and a standing ovation. All judges gave her standing ovation in different ways and got really impressed by her performance. Kattapa and Javed Ali comes on the stage and repeat the movie scene opposite in which Kattapa is killed by Baahubali.

Jayas Kumar came next on stage to perform on the song ” Dum Dum Deega Deega Mausam” from movie Chhalia. Everyone danced with him while he was singing his song. Aditya sings for Neha and it starts raining inside the show. Jayas sings for Neha and there is a shower of roses over Neha. Sonakshi Kar performed on the song “Abke Sajan Sawan Mein” from movie Chupke Chupke and she achieved 95.4% from the jury.

Yumni Ajin was next to perform on song Teri Meri Kahaani from movie Gabbar Is Back. She achieved 98% from the jury members. Shreyan Bhattacharya came next to perform on the song “Lagi Aaj Sawan Ki Phir Wo Jhadi Hai” from movie Chandni. He achieved 93% from the jury. Adnan Hussain Sabri performs on “Ghanan Ghanan” from movie Lagaan. He got a score of 98.3% from the jury. Shanmukhapriya, Ria Biswas and Dhroon Tickoo achieves blockbuster batches.

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