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Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 13 August 2017 episode: Celebrating India

Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 13 August 2017 episode: Celebrating India

Today episode was dedicated to Independence Day celebration, Shri Kumar Vishwas joined in to for the celebration. First performance was taken by Vaishnav Girish , he started with kolaveri di song and gave his second performance on Lungi Dance. He achieved 100% from the jury and it was chart-buster performance. Judges loved his outstanding singing style and his energy was rocking as always. Later Chandar khand joined in the show and showed his coconut breaking act, he broke coconut on his head. Next performance was by Shreyan bhattacharya, he just nailed the stage with his superb performance. He was totally lost in his performance and also was dressed up like Mahatma Gandhi to dedicate his contribution for Independence day celebration. He achieved 100% from the jury for his fabulous singing and got standing ovation from the jury and judges. It was chartbuster performance and judges were really impressed with his singing.

Great grand son of Mahatma Gandhi “Tushar Gandhi” also joined the show to honor the celebration of Independence Day. Later Mamta Rawat joined in the show, she was honored for saving 40 children during a flood incident. She also received award from Kumar Vishwas for her bravery and honorable act. Next came Jayas kumar with his superb performance on song Phir bhi dil hai hindustani from movie Phir bhi dil hai hindustani. He performed cute and melodious like always, after his performance he narrated patriotic poem. After Jayas performance karimul hak who is better known to the locals of Jalpaiguri as “Ambulance Dada” to share his story. He runs bike ambulance to help people in village to reach hospital and save their life. Neha kakkar also gave karimul hak a help of  one lakh rupees to honor his honorable act.

Sonakshi Kar gave next performance, her singing was full of energy and very melodious. she changed the atmosphere in the show, everyone were lost with her outstanding singing. Jury gave her standing ovation since she rocked the stage with her speechless performance. Judges complimented her talent and gave her best wishes for the future. After her melodious performance, Aiyaaz Khan joined the show to share his story, he told how he lost his limbs during the train accident while saving a child. He also received bravery award in the show. later came Anjali Gaikwad, she rocked the stage with her energetic performance. She sang Marathi and simple fired the atmosphere in the show, she got standing ovation from the jury. It was chartbuster performance and Himesh Reshammiya complimented her for her outstanding talent. Anjali Gaikwad also got best weekend performer. Today’s show was dedicated to Independence celebration and in remembrance of our hero’s of nation who gave their life for our Independence.

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