Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 12 August 2017 episode and elimination: Ayushman promote Bareilly Ki Barfi

Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 12 August 2017 episode and elimination: Ayushman promote Bareilly Ki Barfi
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa re ga ma pa lil champs 12th August 2017 today’s episode started with warm welcome of Ayushman khurana and kriti sanon. It was Janamashtami special, dedicated for the celebration of lord krishna birth. Actor Ayushman joined the show to promote his upcoming film Bareilly Ki Barfi. Other than Ayushman, kriti sanon and Raj kumar also joined in for the film promotion. The first singing took place by Bidipta, she sang on Janmashtami song Kanna. She achieved a score of 95 from the jury members and is on top 12th position in the show. Her performance was out standing and very melodious. Show had some emotional moment while Bidipta’s father shared his love for his late mother and his darling daughter Bidipta. Himesh Reshammiya gave her name also “papa ki pari”. Next performance took place by Yumna Ajin, She sang on Go Go Govinda song, her performance was full of energy and had stolen audience heart. She got 100% from the jury and judges loved her singing style. Judges gave her compliment for her out standing stage performance. Actor Raj kumar also gave his special appearance in the show and joined Ayushman khurana and kriti sanon.

Next performance was done by Dhruv Tikku, he sang on song Govinda ala re ala, and his energy made everyone grove in the show. He was fully lost in his performance and everyone followed his energy on the show. The audience demanded once more, once more, it was totally chart-buster performance. He achieved 100% from the jury and judges were not getting tired while complementing for his talent. He even got standing ovation by Himesh Reshammiya. Next came in was our adorable Jayash, who performed on mach gaya shor sari nagri meh. He achieved 100% for his cute performance. kriti sanon gave him compliment for his adorable stage performance.

Later on the show everybody gathered to celebrate Janamashtami by making Jayash to sit on swing and praise lord krishna. Jayash sang praises to the lord Krishna. Everyone joined in to clap for Jayash and enjoy the celebrations. Even Jury came on stage and gave their blessings to Jayash dressed up in lord Krishna attire. Next performance was taken by Shanmukha priya, her performance was mind blowing and her energy level was unbeatable. She sang on zinda hai toh from movie Bhaag Milka Bhaag, her singing style gave this song a new name. She achieved chart buster performance tag, kriti personally went on stage to give her hug for her brilliant performance. Jury and Judges were very happy with her talent and she took the standing ovation from Neha Kakkar as well.

Next performance was of Riya Biswas, She sang on Bada natkhat hai re on the theme of Janamashtami. She sang beautifully and audience loved her singing style. Jury gave 96% for her performance. She enjoyed her performance as well. Nandini was next to perform. It was another melodious performance, her voice create magical atmosphere in the air. She sang on Shyam teri bansi pukare and it was totally out standing performance. Audience was excited and enjoyed her singing. She also achieved chart buster performer  of the day tag, jury gave her 100% for her outstanding singing. Today’s episode was fabulous and full of energy.

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