Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 11 June 2017 Jury Challenge

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 11 June 2017 Jury Challenge

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 11 June 2017 today was the Jury challenge episode where in the the judges will challenge the kids on singing outside the comfort zone. Firstly, Arvinder singh challenged Yumina Ajin gave her a DJ mix challenge. She sang the song Dil Lena Khel hai Dildar Ka. She achieved 100% and judges gave her a standing ovation. All the judges said the performance was outstanding. Arvinder was challenged to blow fire from his mouth and he performed the challenge tremendously well. Judge Shabir danced on Chikni chameli on the stage.

Neha Kakkar challenged Sonakshi Kar to sing on a dancing number which she never did in past. She sang the old song Hothon mein aisi baat sung by Lata Mangeshkar. She got the perfect score of 100% from the jury. Neha was challenged to take out chocolates from a bucket which has rats in it and she took out all chocolates from the bucket.

Jayas Kumar was next to perform on the stage, Aditya has challenged him to play Congo musical instrument along with singing. Jayas played the musical instrument and sang the song Mehbooba Mehbooba from movie Sholay. He sang great and got 100% from the jury. All judges said he has amazing grasping power. Jayas challenged Aditya to blow balloons while jumping on a trampoline.

Vipin Aneja challenged Riya to sing Qawali song. She sang the song Nigaahe milane ko Jee chahat hai. She got a chart buster performance Judges said she had the right expressions and gave her blessings. Vipin was challenged to sit on a seat and Riya threw air on his face using a vaccum.

Raman challenged Shreyan Bhattacharya to sing a song which talks about separation in love and he sang the song Tu Hi Re Tu Hi Re from Bombay. He achieved 99.3% and he told judges he could have sung better than this but he got choked at a point. Raman was challenged to sing and get waxing done along with it which he did great.

Shanmukhapriya sang the song Eena Meena Deeka with fun and she was challenged by Jawad Ali. Judges stood up and clapped while she was singing the song. She got a perfect score from the jury. Judges mentioned she is a total rockstar. Jawad was challenged to burst the balloons by sitting on them.

Hrishikesh challenged Adnan Hussain to sing a high performance song and choose the song Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. He achieved a total score of 99.7% from jury. Hrishikesh was challenged to get a permanent tattoo made on his arm with alphabet A which he got engraved.

Dhroon Tickoo was challenged by Vinod to sing an emotional song Zindagi ke Safar Mein of Kishor Kumar. He scored 99.7% from the jury. Vinod was asked to dance on glasses and nails which he performed with perfection.

Satyajeet Jena was challenged to sing a Ghazal song. He sang the song Main Hawa Hoon Kahan Watan Mera he got 100% and standing ovation from the jury and all the judges. Judges gave him lot of blessings and praised him a lot. Hamsika was challenged to remove apples from water using her mouth which he could not complete.

Amul epic perfomer of the day went to Satyajeet Jena.

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