Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 10 June 2017 Papa special

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 10 June 2017 Papa special
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 10 June show kick starts with the first song Baghbaan sung by Yumna Ajin. Her father had tears in his eyes listening to her song and he felt extremely proud of her daughter. She achieved 99.3% from all the judges. She gifts her dad a shirt which judges insist he should wear now.

Shreyan Bhattacharya was next to perform on the song apne from film apne. He achieved 96.3%  from the judges in total. Himesh Reshammiya complemented him to sing in all three ranges in the song. He thanks his father for eating his vegetables which he doesn’t like eating and then they both sing on the song tu mera dil tu meri jaan.

Dhroon Tickoo came and sung on the song papa kehte hai from the movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak. He achieved 100% and got a chart buster performance. Judges complemented him for his unique style of singing. Aditya Narayan sing enacting his father Udit Narayan. His father apologized to him for not giving him time. They both danced on choori pat jaaye and had fun.

Jayas gifts Neha a rose on her birthday and asks to go on car ride with her hearing the song tattad tattad. Himesh offered 4 crore car to leave Neha but he said he will not leave Neha and neither the car. Jayas sang the song Mummy mummy Daddy Daddy from Deewana Mastana film. Jayas takes over Aditya’s position and becomes the anchors for a while.

Shanmukhapriya sang the song Love you Zindagi from movie Dear Zindagi. She achieved 95.7% from all judges. All judges said her performance was worth more marks.One of the member of jury commented that her song was cold. Later her father entered the stage in a heroic style and greeted his family. She apologized to her father for not spending time with him and not being with him currently to take care of him.

Jawed Ali’s parents came to the show to surprise him. Javed’s mother tells about there past how they came from a very poor family. She also told they had no house and no food in the past neither shed on the house. Javed shared he has got great upbringing and stay down to earth. Everyone got extremely emotional hearing his story.

Riya Biswas came on stage next and sung the song Ek Pyar ka Nagma hai. She achieved 96% marks for this song. She told she hasnt met her father from past 4 months and is missing him.Her father came to surprise her in the gift box. She mentioned she would love to have the same parents forever.

Sonakshi Kar sung the song o palan haare. She gets a standing ovation from all judges and 100% marks from the jury members. All judges complemented her divine performance. He thanked his father for supporting him always.

For 3 weeks there will be no eliminations. Satyajeet Jena is the highest voted contest and the second highest votes were achieved by Adnan Hussain so they both did not perform today.

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