Russian Passenger jet crashes near Moscow, 71 dead

Russian Passenger jet crashes near Moscow, 71 dead

Russia’s Saratov airline’s plane crashes killing all 71 souls aboard including 65 passengers and 6 crew members. Plane took off from Moscow’s Domodedovo crashed in the Moscow region though it was intended to go to Orsk in the Orenburg region that borders Kazakhstan. There was not a single survivor in the plane left upon it’s crash and all souls died than and there. Nobody was a survivor enough from that fatal accident who could be taken to the hospital and efforts could be made to save the life including the pilot.

The cause of the crash is not immediately clear to anybody as The Russian Transport Ministry is trying to invest the actual reason. Many theories are being thrown around such as a bad weather condition or a pilot error which costed 71 lives. None of the reasons are confirmed as of yet and Russian ministry is still investigating in the matter to get to the core of it though the inquiry is taking longer than expected as the crash of the plane is taxing and fatal which is why no one could survive the accident.

As the investigation gets to the base of the cause more facts would come out though it is rarest of the rare case which intends a scenario where a plane got rubbed off the radar completely 10 minutes prior to the accident and exact responses to why the plane crashed could not be monitored in real time hence all the theories had to be constructed from the final condition of the plane which is certainly not so good. Further more in the case it would be revealed if the crash could have been at all avoided or the pilot did his best efforts to control the plane to an extent though a crash of this intensity comes to prove that situation must have been extremely rogue.

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