‘Run It’ and ‘She ain’t you’ singer – Chris Brown, sues concert organizer for Manila incident

‘Run It’ and ‘She ain’t you’ singer – Chris Brown, sues concert organizer for Manila incident
Written by Karu Cheema

Concert organizers have been sued by Chris Brown for an event happened in Phillipes on charges of causing emotional distress. Chris Brown According to reports on TMZ.com, grammy winner said that he faced immense emotional distress as initially he was not allowed to leave the country In July 2015 due to a concert in Manila. 2015 show was make up date for the previous show slated for year 2014, but he missed it as he lost his passport, perhaps momentarily.

The Virginia-born singer said that on the day after his show, he was stopped from departing the hotel he’d been staying at by a group of men armed with weapons, according to the outlet,” reports dailymail.co.uk. Grammy award winner Brown is known for hits including “Run It!”, “She aint you” and has also acted in “Stomp The Yard” and “Think Like A Man”.

Chris Brown is a American singer, songwriter, and dancer and was involved in church choir and local clubs , when he was quite young. Chris Brown has mentioned various musicians for his inspirations, which also includes Michael Jackson. Chris Brown has been involved in legal trouble previously , he was charged and convicted for assaulting his now ex-girlfriend , a famous singer, Rihanna. Reportedly, In June 2010, Brown’s application for a UK visa to enter Britain was rejected on charges of being guilty of serious offense.

Albums by Chris Brown

  1. Chris Brown (2005)
  2. Exclusive (2007)
  3. Graffiti (2009)
  4. F.A.M.E. (2011)
  5. Fortune (2012)
  6. X (2014)
  7. Royalty (2015)
  8. Fan of a Fan: The Album (2015, with Tyga)
  9. Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017)

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