Rohan Mehra clears the air about his relationship with Kanchi Singh

Rohan Mehra clears the air about his relationship with Kanchi Singh

Rohan Mehra of ‘Yeh rishtaa kya kehlata hai’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ fame was in for a shock when he hit headlines a couple of days back, for all the wrong reasons. The young actor had given an interview, where he was asked about his marriage plans with girlfriend and ex- costar Kanchi Singh, when he categorically stated that he doesn’t intend to go the matrimonial way, for atleast another four years. The reason he gave was that he wanted to concentrate on his career and act in films eventually. He said and we quote, “No marriage is planned with Kanchi. It’s a personal matter. However, I am not thinking of marriage for another four years.”

This statement of his was blown out of proportion and news articles with headlines such as “Rohan Mehra has no plans to marry his girlfriend” flooded the news outlets. This made the actor step forward and clear the air about his relationship status with Kanchi Singh. He posted a clarification on Instagram which read as “My relationship isn’t for headlines! Why would I date someone I don’t want to marry? I’m lucky to have Kanchi in my life and I would love to someday take the next step with her. No plans for 3-4 years doesn’t equal or mean no plans at all and no intent. Let’s stop all these speculations and not complicate personal lives! Thank you Kanchi for understanding me all this while!”


Rohan and Kanchi’s relationship has always been a topic of gossip and discussion of the Indian television industry. They were recently in the news, when they were offered to participate in the dance reality show “Nach Baliye 8”, but the couple turned down the offer. Rohan said, “I did one of the best fiction and non-fiction shows on TV. After that I need to be selective about my work. I can’t be doing the same things again and again and stereotype myself”.

Well, now that the actor has set the record straight, we hope the media leaves the young couple alone and end the gossip mongering.

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