Rocky Mental Punjabi movie review :Nerve mockingly bad, Parmish Verma in worst showcase

Rocky Mental Punjabi movie review :Nerve mockingly bad, Parmish Verma in worst showcase

Rocky Mental is an upcoming Punjabi movie directed by Vikram Thori and featured Parmish Verma. Rocky Mental is a film that just does not contribute anything to the field of cinema or the audience and the makers. Some people got together who might have seen a film or 2 in life and without no context or substance just banged their brains to create this joke.

Film is an action/drama and revolves around the life of a boxer who is subjected to criminal charges and is unapologetic about it. There are people who must be super guessing about what audience might like or not and hence they design a film like a soap. A soap needs to be soft but clean well, not to sharp on the edges, well shaped and should also smell well, that must have been the plan sight while designing this film.

Film has just unnecessary dialoguebaazi, action sequence or existence in general. The issue here is that some naive minds will think that this is some sort of cinema and might get inspire to that. This film can turn out to be a troubled childhood for someone, who will be talking to his therapist someday about this really bad experience. Story is about a young man who inspires to be a national boxer but he is being doubted of rape and murder so now he has to showcase his honesty and innocence by beating the cops as well. The worst part about anybody’s today is Parmish Verma’s being and performance. He is just extraordinarily pathetic with no set of skills to be showcased on screen.

He can’t laugh, cry, speak words or do action in the film, he just made one face during the audition and carried it to dubbing. Vikram Thori as a director could only be called crippled because of a non existing screenplay and actors. Rocky Mental should not be called a film and should not be seen by anyone who spends a second of hard-work to make his money.

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