Rising Star audition 2017: An opportunity that could change your child’s life

Rising Star audition 2017: An opportunity that could change your child’s life

Rising Star, the popular reality television show that premieres on colors tv has been one of the most successful shows of the past few years, and now it is giving opportunity to children to show off their singing talent in the show and become superstars. The show will be judged by the famous singers, and the children will get an opportunity to flaunt their skills on the national television that’ll give them visibility and could propel them to world-wide fame.  The show has become very famous around India and all singers look forward to being selected, so that they can show their talent to the world.

Age Limit

Children between the age of 4-13 are allowed to audition for the competition and will be judged for their talent alone and nothing else. Salman khan announced on his show, Bigg Boss 11, that the audition process would be starting soon, and that the parents and guardian’ are requested to fill the registration form on the site and will soon be notified about the audition dates when they are announced. The audition will typically take place at different locations and around the biggest cities in the states of India.

A golden opportunity

The show is an opportunity for the kids to make their name in the field of singing and to be seen by people who can enrich their talents and show them to the entire world. The audition dates would be announced soon, and by that time, parents can register their children’s name on the colors site online.




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