Red Sparrow movie review: Jennifer Lawrence saved herself an ‘Atomic Blonde’

Red Sparrow movie review: Jennifer Lawrence saved herself an ‘Atomic Blonde’
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Red Sparrow is the latest offering from Hollywood in the spy world genre which is already quite stacked up with a million and a half films. It is very difficult to find a new language of story telling with in the used and abused narrative but one should strive towards it or else there is no point in making a spy film. More than films, novels are being published by the day that shows some story of a spy from countries so low in the world in order to make them unique.

Jennifer Lawrence plays a Russian spy in the film who is trained with a very specific set of skills which is to use sensuality and sex as a weapon to get her work done. They don’t make many women spy thrillers but the concept of it is fit because only a woman can portray this aspect of the spy world. Jennifer plays a woman who is very seductive and uses it as a tool to woo the man of enemy lines and gets a few secrets out of them but how long can one possibly exploit it because physical beauty has an age and it won’t work after that.

Plot of the film is quite hefty to be jammed in one single film but director attempted to the extent he could. It does become predictable because it takes a lot of things from the previous spy stories and some or the other geek in the audience would shout the name of the film being referenced which is not a good sign for the makers. Dialogues are rather dull like in an indie movie about California kids and should have been worked to meet the stature of language used by foreign officials. Overall it could be a decent one time watch if the expectations are kept low.

Red Sparrow movie review

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