Ranveer Singh’s 1983, about the 1983 Cricket world cup to release on August 30 2019

Ranveer Singh’s 1983, about the 1983 Cricket world cup to release on August 30 2019

Ranveer Singh’s movie 1983, about the 1083 Cricket World up in which he is going to the legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev is going to be released on August 30 2019. The movie is going to be directed by Kabir Khan and it is primarily a biopic about Kapil Dev, with the focal point of the world cup. Ranveer has been passionate about the project for very long, as it was one of his dream to play Kapil Dev onscreen, and now it’s looking like the actor is finally going to accomplish it soon. He has been currently working on Gully Boy, which is being directed by Zoya Akhtar and is about the underground world of rapping in the city of Mumbai.

Ranveer has been riding high on the blockbuster success of Padmaavat, and his performance in the movie, as the evil ruler Allauddin Khilji has recieved wide spread critical and audience acclaim, with people citing that it is one of his best performances. Another good news for him is that the movie has officially become most financially successful yet, as it has already made 200 crore in India, with record breaking showings overseas, specifically in North America.

This is another good news for the star, as high profile is going to grow from now, and he’s surely going to achieve super stardom in the coming years. Ranveer has smartly gone back and forth through the masala films and the more arty affair. He has the most eclectic resume of all male actors in Bollywood, from playing a Martha warrior to a cruel ruler to a skinny rapper.

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