Ranveer Singh launches new promo of Padmaavat and it is epic

Ranveer Singh launches new promo of Padmaavat and it is epic

In the latest teaser promo of Padmaavat, one can finally here Ranveer’s Allaudin Khilji and looks like it will be the defining performance of 21st century Hindi cinema. Ranveer has made his voice deeper and husky in order to get some more ground in his portrayal of 14th century mammoth of a man. Makers have left no stone unturned in order to make this film an epic in true sense of the word. The visual imagery is huge and gigantic and could not be any more mesmerizing. Sanjay Bhansali will transport audience to 14th century.

The Sanjay Leela Bhansali esthetic that came about in his 2002 masterpiece Devdas, which includes big lavish seats of period age with beautiful lighting and incredible frames with classic Hindi dialogues with sufi and Indian classical music is going to take a whole new level in Padmaavat. Since Padmaavat is set in 14th century, the sets are lavish but rough and raw to make sure that historical accuracy is met with integrity and grace. Shahid, Deepika and Ranveer have all got brilliant character moments in this promo while establishing their bravery. Queen Padmini’s dialogue in the end is a total match winner.

The teaser is designed to defeat Karni Sena’s adle minded purpose of banning the film because they think that it is wrong cultural depiction. Rajputs are being portrayed with utmost bravery and dignity in this new promo of the film while Khilji has been given negative light to finally showcase that he is not the hero of the film as modern day Rajputs might think. The radical part of Rajput community wants Sanjay Bhansali to perform ‘Jauhar’ (self immolation) upon the release of this film which seems nothing but the love letter to old school Rajput masculinity from him. The causality is not meeting the consequence in the case of Padmaavat.

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