Rani Mukerjee starrer ‘Hichki’ title song released and it’s a melody of no kind

Rani Mukerjee starrer ‘Hichki’ title song released and it’s a melody of no kind

Hichki is an upcoming film starring Rani Mukerjee in the lead role where in she plays a teacher with a speech defect but really passionate about the procedure of learning. Trailer of the film was released a while ago to decent views and appreciation where Rani and the makers were complimented to pick a theme like this but also criticized because they moisturized it with over simplification instead of showing the grit which is what Yash Raj Films most does and have been doing it for decades especially with subjects that are a little too dark.

Makers finally came out with the title song of the film and it actually is a little absurd to see a set piece of singing and dancing in a realistic set up where teacher is suddenly singing fantastically though her character has speech defect. This makes the audience not connect with the character if they were at all because they are looking at a woman who is facing her life as an issue because she can’t speak properly which is the whole theme of the film but suddenly she decides to sound like a nightingale hitting tough notes with her throat.

In this day and age most of the Hindi films have moved on from suddenly breaking into song and dance and they use the vocals in background if they must but makers of this film have had a tough time finding their time machine which could which could bring them in 2018 to realize that what they have done is straight up foolish. Hichki is a metaphor used for whatever problems one has in life and one should fight it, which is all good and according to the theme but to make the actors sing it is an unpardonable crime committed by the makers towards their own story.

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