Rani Mukerjee asks Shahrukh Khan about ‘Hichki’ of his life very candidly

Rani Mukerjee asks Shahrukh Khan about ‘Hichki’ of his life very candidly
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Rani Mukerjee is on the promotional trail for her upcoming film ‘Hichki’ and the producer Yash Raj Films made use of there biggest superstar Shahrukh Khan when he sat down for the talk with Rani. Rani suffers from a speech defect in the film which is a big hurdle considering she wants to be a school teacher and there in lies the dilemma of her life hence Hichki is a metaphor for anything that is blocking anybody’s way from achieving their dream in life. In entertainment industry of India Shahrukh Khan pretty much defines success as he has become a landmark.

Khan is the most well known film actor in the world with more number of fans than anybody else even from the Hollywood but he also had many difficulties in his life. Khan told Rani about how the death of his parents became the Hichki of his life because the demise in both the cases was fairly sudden and he never got the chance to cope with it especially at such a young age. Khan belonged to a middle class family and did not have much of wealth after the death of his father from cancer moreover he had a sister to take care of.

Khan said that he milked the emotional flow of that time into his acting abilities and is slowly putting out emotions on the celluloid. He also said that he will stop acting whenever he will feel that he has expressed all the pathos of his life through the story telling but he is clearly not exhausted yet as he is doing many films one after the other. Khan was rather emotionally candid in discussing this with her long time friend Rani as they have starred together in many films. Hichki will hit the dark of cinema theaters on 23 March.

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