Rangbirangi movie review: A film with no story or intentions

Rangbirangi movie review: A film with no story or intentions

Once upon a time there was a magician who stood in front of the crowd as the people started applauding anticipating a good act. Magician was not very popular but he was on an auspicious stage where many greats have been before, so he was visibly nervous. People thought that he must be nervous in the fear of his performance going wrong but the reason was something else. Magician began his act and laid a white sheet in front of people and than stood there for two hours, he was nervous because he did not have an act. Makers of this film are that magician.

A film theater is that stage where some of the most profound work in the field of art has happened which has upscaled the value of cinema in this world and has inspired a great many lives to follow their dream of cinema or just an important life lesson. Makers of this caliber are extremely hellbent on making sure that reputation of cinema is completely destroyed in this country and since the world is a global village now, anyone from outside of India should watch these films and laugh on it.

Rangbirangi is the finest example of a quintessential bad films which have absolutely no scope in this world to stimulate any emotion whatsoever in people. This film is an insult to an art form which is youngest in age but has surpassed every other in becoming the favorite. A film like that can scar the audience member so bad that they would never even come to watch any film in a million years. It is impossible to talk about the plot of this film because there is none and it is not funny at all. Most of the times characters in this film are jumping for god knows what reason and one should certainly save himself trouble and not watch this whatever.

Rangbirangi movie review

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