Ranchi Diaries, directed by Sattwik Mohanty and starring Soundarya Sharma and Himansh Kohli alongside Jimmy shergill and Anupam Kher is a story of a girl named Gudiya who aspires to become a singer but gets embroiled in the case of a botched kidnapping and a bank robbery is a bawdy comedy that is as heartfelt as it is hilarious. Its has strong support from the veterans like Anupam kher, who plays a politician and it is also very well acted  by the main cast members who make you believe that they’re a group of friends who don’t exactly know what to do but trust each other so much that they’re going to do anything to come out of their mistakes.

The movie’s strength is in its screenplay, which is better than most movies because it never forgets that these people are humans and very different from each other. Of course, its a little hard to believe the story sometimes but the cast is so engaging that you forget that these are actors in a movie.

The direction by Monhanty is also very strong and all the songs are very well written and can actually become hits after the people see the movie, and they absolutely should.

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