Ram Gopal Varma, Mia Malkova’s ‘God Sex and Truth’ trailer is seductive

Ram Gopal Varma, Mia Malkova’s ‘God Sex and Truth’ trailer is seductive
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Ram Gopal Varma is known to be an experimental film maker and this time he has gone to explore the world of seduction through the eyes of a female pornstar Mia Malkova. Mia is a very popular pornstar and has been in the industry for quite sometime now unlike Sunny Leone she won’t be doing fictitious characters but through her profession Ram just wants to do the study of seduction as an art in a female machinery. In the trailer Mia urges that a woman’s body is not a slave of any man nor it ever was rather it represents a free spirit.

Over the course of history, patriarchy has always voiced a woman’s sexual liberty down but as a pornstar it gives Mia to explore her seductive aspect and desires of sexuality in true context. The profession itself gives her liberty to bare naked her soul with the body and understand the stigma called sex that runs through the entire world. Varma puts some philosophical quotes about sex of people like Sigman Freud who say that sex is the most driving force in civilization. Mia has been a pornstar for a long time and she is quite famous with what she does.

God Sex and Truth is not a Hindi film like rather it is made for internet study of human desires when it comes to performing sex. The film will be available on Mia Malkova’s Vimeo channel on 26 January. Varma is known to stir controversy with his work but this might be the most bold/artistic audio video imagery put together by in. Indian film makers are very fond of narrative and big screen audience while Varma is trying to paint a society taboo with his romantic vision for it and the effort itself is commendable because sensuality is pouring out from each and every frame of his film.

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