Ram Gopal Varma to begin web series Kadapa, based on true story

Ram Gopal Varma to begin web series Kadapa, based on true story

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has announced the latest web series of Kadapa. Verma said, his objective is to enter into the digital world to tell the story which would never be allowed on a film screen. He then released the Kadapa trailer with tremendous bloodshed. Kadapa, in this web series, through which I decided to tell the true story without any fear and complete honesty, Verma said on Facebook.

After his Hindi web series on Mumbai Mafia named as “Guns and Thighs”, this would be his second product on this platform. RGV said the latest one will be his first ever Telugu web series based on the true story made for an international audience and will be titled ‘Kadapa’. The story Verma’s web series will be based on the extensive interactions of the filmmaker with ex-factionists, their victims, relatives, and others. “The title is derived as a summation of what a region stands for in its blood thirstiness, a synonym of how violent power affects the internal politics of ambition, ego, greed, and one-upmanship,” RGV said on social media.
As the scenes of Kadapa unfold, it is a horror as violence takes so many avatars as the kinds of murder that take place will chill your bonne. Stabbing, hacking, clubbing a man to death and explosions will give a shock to everyone. As the semi-arid, almost barren, the landscape of Rayalaseema region (where Kadapa is located) shown by the director, the audience were aware of the crime-filled history of that area.
The story of the entire series of Kadapa is something I have gathered over many years ever since I first researched Raktacharitra, the Controversial director said. He also said everybody needs to know the history of an overbearing region as I believe this series will document the important portion in the most naked way.

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