Rajkumar Rao starrer ‘Omerta’ new trailer out and it is soul haunting

Rajkumar Rao starrer ‘Omerta’ new trailer out and it is soul haunting

Makers of Rajkumar Rao starrer ‘Omerta’ have put a new pre-release poster of the film which showcases a very dark side of humanity through this terrorist. Raj’s character has blood shot eyes and an insane satisfaction when he is looking at a bomb blast which may very well have caused by him. The stability that he has in his eyes while looking at humanity being burnt is exactly what’s wrong with them terrorists and their activities. It is nearly impossible to forget the eyes of someone like this if you have seen them just once and their poster catches this spirit brilliantly.

Omerta was suppose to release on 20 April but instead got shifted to 4 May to get a proper distribution upon release as makers would want as many people to come and watch this very important human story. This film is more like a character examination of a troubled human being from his perspective and also whatever made him like that in the context of society. A young man who was educated in Britain became one of the most spine chilling terrorists in the world who killed an American journalist.

Raj and his director Hansal Mehta have portrayed some troubled beings before in very unusual circumstances but nothing like this one. This might just be one of the most difficult performance of Raj’s career ever as he has self admittedly has mentioned in many interviews. Raj’s ability to simply transform himself into any character in terms of physicality and behavior is quite extraordinary and not people in the world could actually do that. Omerta has traveled in several film festivals around the world and usually gets a standing ovation from varied crowd who get involved not only in the film but the culture as well which is the bigger arc makers are trying to portray with the film.

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