Rajinikanth’s Kaala teaser to be released on March 1

Rajinikanth’s Kaala teaser to be released on March 1

The teaser for Rajinikanth’s movie Kaala, is going to be released on YoubTube at March 1. Every Rajinikanth movie is an event, not only for his fans, but for the entire south film industry as well. There was already a considerable amount of hype for the movie since it was announced and after the release of the posters, but now, as it has been official revealed that the first look is arriving soon, the excitement has gotten even more. People are clearly anticipating it, and are surely going to appreciate it when it comes out.

Rajinikanth is the most influential star in the south Indian film industry, as his movies are like festivals to the people who worship him like a god. The movie’s first look was a blockbuster hit itself, with Rajini’s severe look in the posters making it clear that the movie is going to be very intense and entertaining.

Not only Kaala, Rajinikanth also has 2.0 coming this year, which is the most expensive movie in India, and which also stars Bollywood star Akshay Kumar,in the role of a villain. The movie has been pushed back many times, sometimes to accommodate other movies or to complete the complex VFX that is going to be added in the movie. It is perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year and could be the biggest hit of the decade, owing to the excitement and hype from both industries. For now, though, lets just wait for the arrival of the Kaala teaser.

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