Rajinikanth tops the list of 100 most powerful Indians from South India

Rajinikanth tops the list of 100 most powerful Indians from South India
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Media giant Indian Express has released a rarely compiled list of 100 most powerful Indians from different walks of life and some film stars are in their as well. Superstar Rajinikanth showed up at 78 number on the list and he tops that in comparison from anyone working in the southern film industries. In an only film star list he would have topped but this one had the names of business tycoons, entrepreneurs and philanthropist who have helped in building the nation and would be considered as very powerful people in terms of the influence.

Deepika Padukone is on the peak of her career with a staggering success like Padmaavat and she is at the number 79 in the list topping anyone from Hindi film industries. One of the biggest movie star in the world right now is Aamir Khan having more than 3 billion people as his fans and even he comes at 80 spot after Padukone. Rajini has announced his political affiliations as well and has planned to compete in the Chief Minister election of Tamil Nadu in 2021. His following not merely by the numbers but devotion as well would be more than nay film star on the planet which is why he has survived for four decades as raging icon.

Salman Khan was ranked at 81st position right after Aamir which seems reasonable considering his mania is at all time high and he has gone invincible on the box office. With a massive list of fans, he does influence a lot of people into not only watching his films but also social work organization like Being Human. Called as biggest movie star on earth, Shahrukh Khan comes at 82nd spot in the list he would have topped without a doubt in 2000’s. Producer Karan Johar barely made it to the rankings at 98 position.

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