Rajaratha movie review: Nirup Bhandari and his film are a walking cliche

Rajaratha movie review: Nirup Bhandari and his film are a walking cliche
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Sometimes it gets difficult to one’s job when there is not much to do in the first place. Makers of this film did not really bother for a good unique script that might make a film people have not already seen before. Routine is the way to express certain feelings about this film as it is absolutely no good when looked through the lens of good cinema but audience might get catharsis as they do all over again whenever the hero makes an entry.

They say there is a co-relation between generosity and guilt and might be the same case with being insecure and trying to be a demi-god. Most of the actors in South Indian cinema just come so that they can go beyond other people and achieve the demi-god status instead of living their lives perhaps they can’t deal with their situation so they try to find a refugee in this dream world. To play the common man superman is always the goal as they don’t want to dwell into the character but present an aura around themselves which should stand out instead of blend in.

Prolific Hollywood actor Jack Gyllenhall said in one of his interviews that the job of an artist is to comfort the disturb and disturb the comfort. The typical masala film only aims to comfort the disturb which is only a coping mechanism because it would be a hundred times more realistic to disturb the comfort as this is actually what life is. A country like India is mostly under privileged and a common man has disturbingly real third world problems which is the reason perhaps the reason why they want one of them to rise up and being something more than ordinary. Overall this film is nothing new and has been seen a hundred times over already.

Rajaratha movie review

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