Raja The Great movie review: A traditional action flick

Raja The Great movie review: A traditional action flick

Raja The Great is a Telugu language action movie starring Ravi Teja and Mihreen Pirzada and directed by Anil Ravipudi. The story revolves around a man, who is born blind and who trains himself to be able to function in the society. Vivan Bhatena plays the antagonist of the movie. There isn’t much in the way of a good story, but the movie does have a very good action direction, and it will keep the audiences entertained. The performances form the actors are uniformly strong, even though Ravi Teja is a bit unconvincing as a blind man.

The movie is very well directed, especially in the action scenes and has a very good look, and has very catchy songs that the audiences are going to enjoy. The movie, as a narrative, is your traditional heroes journey and there is no attempt to make it any clever for the audiences, which is a serious shortcoming for any movie.

Still, Vivan Bhatena is exceptional in the movie as the villain and even though he doesn’t have any dimensions as a character, he gives himself a threatening edge that is very welcome and puts him up and equal to the hero of the story.

I’d recommend the movie if you have free time and want to watch something harmless.

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