Raj Vishnu movie review : A Kannada Rotten masala recipe

Raj Vishnu movie review : A Kannada Rotten masala recipe

Raj Vishnu is a Kannada language film starring Sharan in titular role. Raj Vishnu is a typical Kannada masala film with ancient plot and humor. A masala film which tried to pack a world of comedy, romance and action inside it as if we have seen less of it already. Plot of the film is so bizarre that it killed itself out of shame before they even tried to make it. Film revolves around a middle aged man (Raj Vishnu) falling in love with the character of Vaibhavi Shandilya in the worst possible comic way and that leads to further confusion in their lives. From the first scene to the last, audience will be trying to find the reason for their tickets because this thing called FILM is not there, at all.

Sharan’s character did the same thing as he has done in all his movies and one should salute him for that because that kind of consistency or denial of reality must be hard to maintain. Supporting cast of the film was extraordinarily energetic because they had the most difficult task in the world after Trump to put some life into this audio video footage of some kind.

Director K. Madesh or writer Ponram must be unaware that a film called Raj Vishnu is being made because if they weren’t, they must be making holiday plans of the time when their film was suppose to release. That camera might have worked better if it was working itself because it clearly provided a stand for cinematographer to sleep through the film. Editing of the film is just amazing because someone actually did that otherwise we would not have had the profound pleasure of this enchanting experience. Above everything if one really wants to see this film than they are advised to simply try sleeping and let time go by. Take it one Friday at a time!!

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