Pulimurugan Movie Review : Mohanlal and CGI makes it riveting and catchy

Pulimurugan Movie Review : Mohanlal and CGI makes it riveting and catchy
Written by Karu Cheema

Mohanlal has yet again proved his acting prowess and versatility in Pulimurugan, which was released today in Tamil language. Pulimurugan was originally made in malayalam and was released last year in February. Pulimurugan has grossed 152 crores in worlwide box office collection until now. Pulimurugan is highest grossing Malayalam movie ever made.

Mohanlal despite being 57 years old, looks comparatively young and energetic in the movie.Pulimurugan was made on a budget of Rs 25 crores. Forest scenes , tiger hunt scenes and backdrop looked breathtaking because of an excellent CGI effects.

Pulimurugan Movie Plot

Mohanlal plays a role of an famous hunter who hunts man eater tigers and leopards , protecting villagers from theirs wild blood thirst wrath against humans. Pullumurugan, as a kid , saw his father being killed by a man eating tiger impelling him to become a hunter and protect the villagers.

Pulimurugan gets embroiled in a drug conspiracy hatched against him  , movie slithers gently in how conspiracy transpired against him and how mohanlal figures the way out in unrevealing it. Climax involves drug producing villian , a tiger and Pullimurugan.

Pulimurugan Cast and Crew

Mohanlal as Pulimurugan is phenomenal in lead role. Kamalini as Pulimurugan’s wife does justice of playing a typical tamil nagging wife. Jagapati Babu plays lead role of a villian and looks wicked and deceptive.

Pulimurugan Tamil Trailer


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