Proud to be Sikh 2 Movie Review: Fight between you and yourself

Proud to be Sikh 2 Movie Review: Fight between you and yourself

After the success of ‘Proud to be a Sikh’ the directors, Satdeep Singh and Dr. Rupinder Singh have good hope with the next part of the movie ‘Proud to be a Sikh 2′.  The Punjabi movie based on the life of a Sikh person has lots of aspirations and feelings for his religion. Amritpal Billa and Sunny Singh are doing the lead role in the movie. The movie is about the journey of a Sikh who made youngsters aware and made them feel proud of their Sikh identity and rich heritage. The film depicts all the difficulties he has to face during this journey.

The Amritpal Billa teaches his son about the significance of Sikh religion and asked him to aware young people about their religion. As he saw a very strange environment and culture among the present Sikh youth and people doing unfair with a Sikh community. Experiencing a few incidents that left him in shock were somewhere related to the reasons which shook the roots of Sikhs. People are torturing Sikh people, he said every Sikh has to take the step against this torture. These emotions for his heritage and culture had a deep significance connected to his past. He wants to give a respectful space to his community in the society and make every Sikh to proud to be a Sikh.

The movie ‘Proud to be a Sikh 2’ was about clarifying the society, revealing the true image of a Sikh community. Not the one which is being projected in their minds of the people today by these false media propaganda and other misunderstandings. It was about the lifestyle of a true Khalsa in which he displays both the qualities of being a saint and soldier as required according to the conditions. It shows the rules given by the Guru Gobind Singh have to be followed by every Sikh and feel them proud.

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