Project Z movie review: A nail biting thriller

Project Z movie review: A nail biting thriller

Project Z is directed by C.V Kumar and starring Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi is a mystery thriller, with supporting cast that involves Jackie Shroff and Jayaprakash. It is about a police officer who is investigating serial murders, and the chief suspect in the case is a gym trainer. And even though the story has some of the most contrived twists and turns, it is still very engaging and nail biting experience because of Kumar’s direction and Kshan’s star performance. The movie has a very subdued pallet, and there are many scenes in which characters are shown in shadows, like in Noir classics, even though this is far more violent and shocking in its content.

There are instances when the limited budget of the movie is inescapable for the viewer, like in bombing scenes which looks so fake, its little doubt that it was shot with poor graphics. But the music and the characters are very interesting, and give an uneasy edge to to the proceedings.

There are some gruesome scenes, and the final confrontation is shocking itself, but nothing is vulgarized for cheap shock value and every person and clue, however baffling, fits the larger piece of puzzle and keeps the viewer guessing until the very end.

The movie wouldn’t have worked if the characters weren’t well written and the actors portraying them weren’t capable to deliver their lines at the pitch perfect intensity. Sundeep Kishan brings just the right amount of bravado and vulnerability to his good cop, while Lavanya never makes her character a damsel in distress.

The score of the movie is thriller, throbbing and sometimes overdoes it with the creepy kneeing, but otherwise it is very effective. As is the directorial choices, which make this movie a must watch for people looking for good mystery stories.

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