Prema Baraha movie review: Simply put, should not have been made

Prema Baraha movie review: Simply put, should not have been made
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

The problem with Prema Baraha is that the film is not self aware, one should market a spoof by saying it’s that and not a motion picture because Prema Baraha is a comedic take on what would happen if the film started to make fun of itself and the joke’s on cinema. Excess money and power often leads up to bad decisions and one such thing is a decision to make this film or plainly conceiving the inception of the thought behind the story of this whatever.

Performances in Prema Baraha would remind viewer of the dark phase of Indian cinema in the future as films of this country are often considered worst when they are bad because people do not want to engage themselves in an argument with their own self that it is a medium of art only blended with commerce but this is actually emotionally exhausting to make a film and Kannada cinema mostly is yet to take a time travel bus and come up with the rest of the world in 2018 where thinking’s and therefore narration of a story is also changed for the better.

Story and screenplay of the film is as non existent as the good dialogues and performances of the film while making sure that director was not exactly awake to make the film and editor was the only who did his job and actually put together the scenes one after the other so the producers who could send an audio visual imagery to the theater of which someone might buy ticket and think of making some sense out of it after spending around 3 hours in the pain and gaony which would take at least 3 Daniel Day Lewis films to recover if at all it happens. Overall this film should be disregarded from the history of cinema and never to be mentioned again.

Prema Baraha movie review

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