“Prem Me Tohre”- A sure shot hit!!

“Prem Me Tohre”- A sure shot hit!!

The all time favourite actress Vidya Balan is back with her upcoming movie “Begum Jaan” which has released its first song and would not be wrong to say that it has hit the ball out of the court. The song track ‘Prem me Tohre’ is sung by the legendary singer Asha Bhosle who returned to films after four years. The song’s beautiful lyrics and classical touch sets it on fire and adds to the theme of the film. Moreover the song is based on Raag Yaman which makes it more soulful. With today’s relashes and remixes, music by legends like Anu Malik becomes the need in the industry.

The lyrics of the song are by Kansar Munir and we mentioned about the music that it is soothing and heart touching. Moreover the success of this song is a sure shot is toplined by Asha Bhosle’s magical voice.

Check out the song:

Putting some light on the inclusion of Asha Bhosle, music composer Anu Malik said ”I was not keeping well and Ashaji came over to meet me. I immediately told my wife that I have to work with her. Even Srijit Mukherjee, the director was unaware of it. I rang up Srijit from the ICU and told him I will resume work in 10 days.

“I composed a tune at the recording studio, and told Srijit that we should get Ashaji to sing the song. Srijit jumped at the idea. I immediately rang Ashaji and told her to come to my place the next day. When she heard the track, she said this song marks the comeback of Asha Bhosle! My first reaction was when did you go in the first place! Her reaction after recording the song was priceless!

“She exclaimed that she was truly back! I loved her reaction so much since Ashaji loves singing and music. If you hear the song you will know that such a tone and voice cannot be copied or matched. She’s a magic and a miracle! I am honoured to have had the chance to work with her. She’s 82 and if you hear her now you will be jaw dropped!”


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