Prabhudeva draws comparison between Salman and Rajinikanth

Prabhudeva draws comparison between Salman and Rajinikanth
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

In one of his latest media interactions, actor Prabhudeva drew certain comparisons between the stardom of Rajinikanth and Salman Khan with the reasons of them being on top. Prabhu said that both of them are very genuine people who do not try so hard to showcase any degree of stardom in their real life personas but also know how to create a havoc on screen with  their personalities. On screen they portray themselves as larger than life figures who accomplish extra ordinary activities but as far as beyond the screen behavior is concerned, they are nothing more than simple love trying to work for a living.

Describing himself in one of his interviews Salman has said that his hard work for the roles is like a duck under the water. For whoever looks at the duck thinks that she is swimming very comfortably without a care but under water the legs are running so fast that the motion is looking effortless. Minimalist lifestyle is the key to being sane in this business which is basically a dream factory providing impossible lifestyles to people who could convert into megalomaniacs if not careful.

Despite of being one of the richest star in India, Salman lives in a tiny flat at Galaxy apartments for his entire life now. Rajinikanth does absolutely no sort of superficial things in his real life from his style to hairs and lives an almost monkish lifestyle which provides him the sanity of being a genuine human being with whom people could connect despite of him being such a huge star. Salman and Rajini both are people’s superstars and do not try to rise above it instead play the characters that project nothing but goodness as they inspire many people and would not want to send a message that audience members should not follow in real life.

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