Prabhas could make his Bollywood debut with romance movie

Prabhas could make his Bollywood debut with romance movie

Prabhas has become one of the most popular male actors of Indian film industry because of is starring role as Baahubali in the most successful Indian movie of all time, and now he seems poised to breakout in the Bollywood industry with a romance movie, thus cementing his reputation as a bonafide star. Speaking in a candid interview, the actor revealed that he will be doing a romantic movie after Saaho. The script of the movie was presented to him three years ago and he will be debuting in the Hindi film industry with the same story. He also said that he has a very good relationship with the Producer-Director Karan Johar and if he wanted anything, he’ll just ask the Hindi movie mogul.

The popularity of the south Indian actor, who lives in Hyderabad, sky rocketed after he starred in Baahubali, and made his name known to everyone in the nation and overseas, as it found immense popularity in America, especially. It was lauded for its vision, creativity, imaginations, acting performances, especially from Prabhas. He had made a promise to make the movie and had diligently worked for it for at least five years, between which he did not sing up for any other project or movie.

And his efforts were rewarded in spades, as the movie became a monster hit and was loved by everyone. Prabhas even got his own wax statue at Madame Taussads, Hong Kong, something that even Rajinikanth has not accomplished. Now, everyone is carefully following the actor’s next steps and seeing what he will do. A step in the Bollywood industry seems obvious, but unlike others, he has shown patience and will surely sign up on the movie when his work on Saaho is complete and he can give himself to another role completely.


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