The trailer for the most anticipated movie of the year, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks has been released. The movie is based on the incident of the Pentagon Papers, and concerns the efforts of the Journalists who worked for the New York Times and The Washington Post to release the papers and tell the truth to the people. The Post is written by Liz Hannah and Josh Singer and will be released on December 22 2017. Steven Spielberg just finished filming the movie, and has been editing it. There had been some doubts if the movie will be released this year, but now with the release of the first trailer on the Late Colbert Show, it seems that most of the work on the movie has been completed.

The Post arrives in the thick of the awards season, and is being touted as an “important movie that deals with timely issues”. Meryl Streep, the greatest actress of all time, is playing Kay Graham, who has the leader of the Washington post for two decades and Tom Hanks plays Ben Bradlee, an executive editor for the same paper.

The trailer looks rousing, with exceptional performances and great direction from Spielberg.


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