The Post movie review: Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are brilliant in Spielberg’s news drama

The Post movie review: Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are brilliant in Spielberg’s news drama
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

The Post is one of the most widely appreciated film of the year as it has won several awards already in western par of the world. It is a film about how a news agency uncover the panama leaks that consists of one of the biggest names as accusers from all walks of life. Tom Hanks plays a real life journalist who was crucial in uncovering the leak and Hanks is perfectly disguised under the character which is very unlike him just by the manners. It is one of his best performance including one more star in the hat in an already legendary career.

Meryl Streep can’t seem to stop getting nominated as the niche of her performance is certainly not going down. She plays the senior of Hank’s character and certain scenes between them are just electric. It is the first time these 2 legends have worked together and cinema was certainly missing something. Spielberg has worked with Hanks quite a lot previously in films like Catch Me If you Can, Saving private Ryan and The Terminal and all the collaborations are phenomenal including this one.

Editing of the film is immensely fast paced and actors are also speaking their dialogues in a quick tone to make a rhythm out of it. The Post is a heavy oscar contender and not for no reason as it indulges into a real life incident and hardly fictionalizes the event as it is already beyond any Hollywood narrative. Background score of the film is a good mix of sound from the 70’s and contemporary music which gives the film a whole other dimension. Steven Spielberg is nothing short of Shakespeare of cinema and his language very more than any director in the history as he will be coming out with a science fiction story about a agme called Ready Player One in no time.

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