Poomaram movie review: Kalidas Jayaram is on autopilot in this story less film

Poomaram movie review: Kalidas Jayaram is on autopilot in this story less film
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Poomaram is essentially a coming-of-age love story instead i could not decide how deep in the well it wants to go with the entire philosophy of romanticism between two young characters who are perhaps experiencing something this enthralling for the first time. More often than not directors take an objective view on the film instead of showcasing it from the eye of a character who is written in a way that he is as confused as it gets and so is the film thematically.

Story is about two people in college who has perhaps fallen in love with each other in a dramatic way at such a young age and now they don’t understand if they should throw it all away or eventually run with it. Their relation is more like putting their own personality for ward very desperately to each other instead of making all the effort to understand each other which is the basic idea of romanticism. They are exploring themselves from the eye sight of one another instead of exploring each other from their individual point of view which is a classic character flaw given to them by the writers though the only problem is that it is not a new perspective.

First character trait that writers seem to put up when they urban character stories is making them unsure of themselves or a rather cowardly behavior which stops them from accepting what they are feeling. To profess undying love for one another seems a little 20th century for film writers but they forget that epic period love stories still work in the cinema and youth is the primary consumer of that content as well. Kalidas Jayaram gave a decent performance or he is the only thing substantial about the film which does not say a lot of kind words about the makers. Overall this one can be missed in the cinemas.

Poomaram movie review

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