Phobia 2 to Be Released With a male lead Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Phobia 2 to Be Released With a male lead Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Phobia 2 is a forthcoming Indian psychological thriller film, sequel of 2016 Phobia. Directed by Pawan Kripalani, the psychological thriller released a year ago.The film opened to an exceptionally dull reaction in North India and East India and additionally in the multiplexes. The film could just enroll 2-3% accumulations. First day after release, it earned just around 2.5 million (US$39,000) nett, with significant accumulations originating from Mumbai and Delhi NCR.

It gathered almost around 5 million (US$78,000) nett on Saturday and on Sunday, henceforth totaling it’s initially end of the week accumulation around 12.5 million (US$190,000). From Monday to Thursday, the film gathered an aggregate income of 11 million (US$170,000), taking its all aggregate to around 23.4 million (US$360,000) nett.

Due to good reaction coming from the Bollywood superstars, opponents and viewers, the makers are apparently planning a sequel of the film. “I am doing ‘Phobia 2’, however this time it’s with a male lead. The script requested a male lead. The film was widely praised and it made to the list of best ten movies of 2016. Thus, we need to get somebody who can pull off that sort of execution,” Viki Rajani said in an interview.

As indicated by recent reports, Nawazuddin Siddiqui will have the lead in Phobia 2. His character experiences aviophobia (fear of flying).

Maker Viki Rajani expressed that they had arranged a sequel even before the arrival of the first film, he revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “After Nawaz had wrapped up Munna Michael, we met at his home and stuck on this script. He quickly gave his gesture. Phobia will dependably have a high-calibre actor as execution is fundamental. Nawaz suits this character impeccably.”

Viki additionally included that the continuation will have a known actor as the size of the film is greater this time. Discussing the genre, Viki stated, “There was no slaughter or the paranormal edge in “Phobia” however it was the treatment and execution on account of which individuals preferred the film. It is not a horror film. It plays with your brain, and it will frighten you. It’s another age idea for a thriller.”

In ‘Phobia’, the story revolved around hero Mehak (Radhika), an artist, who experiences Agoraphobia (an extreme or unreasonable dread of open or open spots). In ‘Phobia 2’, the producers intend to touch upon the fear of flying.

“There will supporting actors as it’s on a flight and about phobia of flying,” Viki said. The producers have bolted the script of the second portion and it will go on floors soon.

The film is planned to release next year in 2018, stay tuned with us for the updates and latest news.

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