Phantom Thread movie review: Daniel Day Lewis is pure magic, for one last time

Phantom Thread movie review: Daniel Day Lewis is pure magic, for one last time

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Phantom Thread is a film about a fashion designer in 1950’s London who happens to have his heart on a much younger role who is a young waitress. Daniel Day Lewis plays a man in his 50’s who falls for a young lover not only by his heart but also a degree of erotica is involved in it. The relationship between these two is immensely complicated as they are willingly tearing themselves apart and simultaneously trying to be with each other.

Daniel Day Lewis gives an astonishing performance as a man who’s sexual desires of old age are troubling him with the pure feeling of attachment to this girl about whom he thinks himself as a morally wrong man which complicates this human drama. Daniel has announced in the mid of 2017 that Phantom Thread is going to be his last film as an actor he will retire post this film because the experience has been so draining. Vicky Krieps has done phenomenal work standing tow to toe with arguably the best actor in the world of all time and has relinquished the thirst of her character for this dressmaker up on screen.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson has worked with Daniel Day Lewis in a film called There will be Blood which got released in 2007 and Lewis won an academy award for his brilliant portrayal of an oil man by the name of Daniel Plainview. Phantom Thread has got Daniel one more nomination in the academy while the film is also nominated for best picture. Paul Thomas Anderson is also nominated for best director and Phantom Thread more than deserves all the accolades coming it’s way. This one is a sure classic for ages to come and should be well remembered for the last film of greatest actor of all time as the world of cinema is indebted to him.

phantom thread movie review

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