Pawan Kalyan donates 5 lacs to Board of Disabled Cricket Association

Pawan Kalyan donates 5 lacs to Board of Disabled Cricket Association
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Telugu powerstar Pawan Kalyan made an incredibly kind gesture when he donated a sum of 5 lacs to Board of Disabled Cricket Association. Kalyan personally went in to the place, donated the money and met the children who have dreams in their eyes of playing cricket but some or the other disability is stopping them from achieving the dream. Cricket is the most flamboyant sport in India and most talked about as well since many of the cricketers are millionaires just by playing the sport, it is quite financially viable in many ways.

Disabled cricket association does not have enough funds to go on with training the young boys/girls and that’s where philanthropist Kalyan lends a hand. Kalyan is soon going to compete collections and has been active in politics with his brother Chiranjeevi for many years while they both actively campaigned for the rival parties. Kalyan is known to have an opinion in socio-political matters concerning Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In one his interviews he has mentioned that he won’t be doing films for long now and plans to retire really soon to start a journey of a politician and dedicated his stardom to public service.

During the launch of film ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ he mentioned that he wants to quit film after doing 2-3 more of them because he does not want to stretch himself between films and politics. Kalyan would want to focus on politics once he starts with the work and films would take a back seat. It is a bold decision for someone who has taken a lifetime of super stardom under his arms and still has a lot of it left in him to continue for a decade but he seems to be giving up on it all and divert all his knowing into the public service medium.

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