Patel Sir movie review: A Telugu movie in theaters now

Patel Sir movie review: A Telugu movie in theaters now

Patel Sir which is a Telugu movie finally hit the theaters today.  It is a drama thriller which has been directed by Vasu Parimi. The story of the movie revolves around a father who has kept his love for son bottled up inside him. Jagapati Babu plays the role of a retired Major and plays the role of strict father too. He wanted his son to follow his footsteps but much to his father’s dismay, the son was ordered to be out of the house. Unfortunately, there takes place a tragedy which turns Patel into a killing machine.

The movie can be called an action drama which draws us to look at the strength and the style of Jagapati Babu where he is seen in a cool hunk killing goon. Aamani role is really good and so is Tanya Hope is a special officer Katherine, assigned to check the trail of murders. Padmapriya role as Vallabh’s wife is easy on the eye. Patel’s friend  role is played by Subhalekha Sudhakar while the Kabir Khan portrayal as villain is rather stereotypical.

The cast and crew of the movie includes Jagapati Bau along with Vasu Parimi as the director of the movie, Sai Korrapai as the producer of the movie, DJ Vasanth as the musician and K Shayam Naidu as the Cinematographer of the movie.

The background of the movie is keeping with the mood of the film. Each frame has been beautifully captured beautifully. But as with most action-dramas, the plot becomes predictable and this results in a good but soul-less first-half. Jagapati Babu is simply fantastic and literally carries the movie on his shoulders. Altogether the movie is a must watch.

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