Pataki Movie 2017 : Release date, Story, Cast, Crew, Trailer, Songs, Poster

Pataki Movie 2017 :  Release date, Story, Cast, Crew, Trailer, Songs, Poster

Pataki is an upcoming kannada comedy movie  produced by S.V. Babu and directed by Manju Swaraj. Pataki is slated to be released on 2nd June, 2017. Film is a remake version of Telugu movie, Pataas.

Pataki Movie Plot

Ganesh plays a role of a corrupt cop, Surya and he uses off line methods to gain monetary benefits, which are somewhat peculiar and funny in nature. Surya is infuriated with his father , who is also a Police DGP, due to the fact he thinks because of his father negligience his mother got killed. In the process of taking revenge , he tries to wield and intimidate criminal minded local MP against his father.

Pataki Movie Cast and Crew

Golden Ganesh is a versatile actor , who has proved his mettle in Kannada cinema. Even his critics select the words carefully before making any comments about him. He is well experienced. Ganesh plays a role of corrupt ACP in the movie

Ranya Rao is a model and elegant actress who debuted in Kannada movie , Maanikya. Inspite of being short in experience her critics and followers speculates of having a long stint in the industry.

Reknowned Ashish Vidyarthi plays a role of villian , potraying a local powerful criminal minded MP

Pataki Movie Songs

Pataki movie song and score has been composed by Arjun Janya under Jhankar Music label.

Pataki Movie Trailer


Pataki Movie Poster

Pataki Movie Cast Crew Poster Review Story and Songsw

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