Pataki: Kannada comedy movie releasing on 26th May

Pataki: Kannada comedy movie releasing on 26th May
Written by Aiman

It was 2008 when Ganesh and producer SV Babu first came together to work on Sangama. Nearly 10 years later, they have collaborated again and Babu is certain of recreating the magic with cop movie Pataki.

“Ganesh and I are good friends; in fact, I am close even with his wife, Shilpa. They got married right after we began shooting Sangama, and the three of us usually discuss films together. Even now, we speak to each other several times a day,” he says, adding that their friendship has translated into a successful working relationship.

It was actor Sai Kumar who came up with the idea of a remake of the Telugu hit Pataas and he wanted SV Babu to do it. And while it is a remake, the movie is a somewhat original take, something that the producer credits director Manju Swaraj for. “Pataki is an out-and-out entertainer, which gets serious before the climax. Manju has taken care to keep the nativity in check. In fact, there were some production restrictions in the Telugu film, which we have included in ours,” he adds.



The one thing to look out for in this week’s release is Ganesh’s acting, says the producer adding that it will take everyone by surprise. “We are used to seeing Sai Kumar as a cop, and I was worried about Ganesh being sidelined while playing a cop alongside him. But I was shocked after watching the film. He’s acted very well in the film — you will feel that he is a real cop, not acting to be one,” Babu signs off.



Sai Kumar, on the other hand, is outstanding in his role as a cop. He may have played the role several times in his film journey of 42 years (he started off as a child artiste), but each time Sai Kumar is offered a chance to don the khaki onscreen, he makes sure it is because the character and story excites him. As he gets set to reprise his most popular role — Agni from the 1996 hit Police Story — the actor seems excited not just because he gets to play DIG this time, but because even while starring in the original Telugu film, Pataas, he wanted to be in the Kannada remake.





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