The Past movie review: An ineffective horror movie with bad acting

The Past movie review: An ineffective horror movie with bad acting

The Past, directed by Gagan Puri and starring Vedita Pratap Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Yuvraaj Parashar and Samiksha Bhatt, is nothing more than an ineffective and cheaply meade horror movie with bad acting. There is nothing in the movie that should be recommended, since it takes the premise which could have been effective and puts the pieces in such a way that the narrative is jumbled and the characters are lost in the mess of loud sound effects and cheap CGI. The constant flickering lights and then noises should be enough for a family to run away from the house which seems to harbor dark forces, or at least try to get help. But nothing in the movie makes sense because it so poorly written.

Among the cast members, only Rajesh Sharma is someone who can act, but its seems strange that he has to work in such movies, since he is just too talented for this drivel. He tries to make efforts with his character, but he is bizarrely directed that there is no effect of his dramatic prowess here. The movie isn’t even unintentionally funny, which could’ve proved entertaining.

It really wants you to be scared, but the movie is so badly directed that there is not chance of being scared, you just feel numb and tired by the end of it, with no idea about what happened. The movie had a strong idea about the root of evil, but it has nothing new to offer for the people who love horror movies.


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