Parole movie review: Mammootty is captured by his own stardom

Parole movie review: Mammootty is captured by his own stardom
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Megastar Mammootty is back yet again in the role that he has been doing for many years which is of a common man superman. Mammootty plays a prisoner in this film who has gone in for the reasons on which he was framed and comes out for a short while on parole to mess with the baddies. There is not a frame of newness which i contributing anything to the art of storytelling but borrowed everything they could from the past to make sure that this film somehow becomes a hit.

Mammootty has been one of the biggest star in the history of Indian cinema and that’s exactly where he is, history. He has refused to sign up for more content driven films which do not have to rely on stardom techniques he has been pulling for decades. Malayalam is the most progressive cinema in the world right now with constant boundary pushing storytelling and at the front of that is his own son Dulquer Salman. Mammootty is one of the only now who is keeping the age old masala cinema in Malayalam film industry as it should be wiped off for good as soon as possible.

Story and screenplay of the film are awfully simple and it seems that it must not have taken the makers more than 2 hours to write it down minus the 8 hours may have taken to complete the production. People like Mammootty just have to show up and put their default modes on to act it out in front of the movie camera who is tired enough to see the same actions over and over again. Film might probably work on the box office by the design of it to gather the family audience in but would not leave any mark. Overall this can be avoided.


Parole movie review

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