Pari movie, starring Anushka Sharma streams on Amazan Prime today

Pari movie, starring Anushka Sharma streams on Amazan Prime today

Pari, starring Anushka Sharma, and directed by Prosit Roy is going to be available on Amazon Prime today. The horror thriller movie was released on March 2, but failed to connect to the audiences, who didn’t feel it was scary enough, and others who felt the story was ridiculous. Critics applauded Anushka’s efforts and performance, praising her for picking a daring project, but overall were dismissive of the movie for being too rote and expository. But, those who were intrigued by the premise, and were put off by the reception, can now watch movie on Amazon Prime.

Pari is about a young woman named, Rukhsana, played by Anushka Sharma, who gets embroiled in a series of supernatural situations, after a man comes to her dilapidated hut and saves her. The movie is a mood piece, more than a horror movie, although there are some shocking scenes of violence and sex. The movie could be deemed a coming age of story of a girl who is unlike others.

Anuksha Sharma has been making daring choices movie roles ever since she started her production house, first NH10 in which she played a woman who is subjected to extreme violence but stands upto her violators, then she played a ghost in the flop Phillauri and now a not quite grown up woman. And even though not all these movies were successful, she has been showing considerable range, and it would be good if she continued doing so.

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