Pari movie poster: Anushka Sharma with a demon

Pari movie poster: Anushka Sharma with a demon
Written by Abhishek Rana

The poster for Anushka Sharma’s Pari has been released and it looks even more terrifying than the video teaser that was released last night. In the poster, Anushka is seen with a demon, that is holding her shoulders. The color scheme of the poster is a dark blue, and it contrasts with Anushka’s blue eyes, and her haggard hair style. A trailer for the movie is probably going to be released soon, but everything that has been shown from it has spiked the interest of the fans and the general audience on the social media. After being released, the poster began to trend on twitter almost instantly. In fact, it hadn’t faded from the trends at all, such is the excitement for the movie.

A horror movie is surely going to be something new for Anushka Sharma, who is known to the audience for romantic and drama movies. The feel of the movie seems really dark, and it has gained hype because a popular and acclaimed actress like Anushka is daring to dip her toes into something as dark as a horror movie. Most of the A lister actress are not usually known to be cast or even star in horror movies because of their reputation in the cinema as something less worthy than other genres. However, it seems that Anushka is someone who would like to experiment with different genres rather than just doing the same thing again.

Pari is going to be released on March 2, 2018, Holi, so people should prepare themselves to be struck with blood and shocks at the festival. It is directed by Prosit Roy and also stars Parambrata Chaterjee. The release date was shifted to avoid any clash with other movies that are coming in the upcoming months.

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