Pari: Anushka Sharma’s new bloody look is nightmarish

Pari: Anushka Sharma’s new bloody look is nightmarish
Written by Abhishek Rana

Anushka Sharma released a shocking teaser of her upcoming horror movie, Pari, and it is as terrifying and shocking as she must have intended. The teaser is short, and slowly morphs Anushka’s face from serene oddness to bloody mess, as if someone has beaten her up. But, what’s even scary is that even as the red wounds slash her face, she just keeps looking calmly at the camera, which gives the effect that is more horrifying than her screams. Anushka surely knew that the new look is going to startle people and she wrote in her tweet, “Sweet Dreams Guys”.

It is a very effective teaser, and it gave goosebumps to everyone who saw it last night, as it began to trend on Twitter, and the response from all the viewers was highly positive. The movie is going to be released on March 2 2018, shifting it from the previous spot of February 9 2018, so it means that Anushka will have a bloody Holi with everyone. The teaser was praised for trying something new and not falling back on the normal Horror tropes, leaking screaming, although the injuries on her face have caused people to express discomfort.

Pari is directed by Prosit Roy, and produced by KriArj Entertainment. It also stars the Bengali actor, Parambrata Chatterjee. There had been mild controversy during the shooting of the movie when a technician died because of being elctrocution on the set, and the filming was stopped immediately.

Anushka’s look for the movie has already sent people reeling, and if the story lives up to the expectations, it could be a path breaking role for an A lister actress in Bollywood to star in a Bollywood horror movie. Anushka has always been an actress who challenges herself, and this will surely be another role of her that the audience is going to remember. After all, the tag line of the movie is, that it is not a fairy tale.


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